The Etosha National Park can be seen all the way from space and is one of Southern Africa’s most popular wildlife parks. The Park spans an area of 22,270 square kilometers and gets its name from the large Etosha salt pan which is almost entirely within the park.

It is home to four of the ‘Big five’ and houses hundreds of species of mammals, birds and reptiles, including several threatened and endangered species such as the black rhinoceros.   

Elephant and Lion are common in the park. Other large animals include Leopard, Cheetah, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Hyena, Zebra, Springbok, Kudu, Gemsbok and Eland. The park is home to 114 species of mammals, 340 bird species, 110 reptile species and 16 amphibian species which make game viewing in Etosha a unique experience. 


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