Eva Eichhorn 

A desire at the tender age of 14, found Eva attending yoga classes in order to tame a restless heart and provide a sense of purpose. It soon became apparent that yoga was that one constant in her life that would see her on a journey that provided an understanding of her self worth and more importantly, settled her mind.

Her journey awoke a passion and a dedicated commitment to the art and discipline of yoga.

Her philosophy is simple:

When one practices the art of yoga and strives to live from the core of our being, then it becomes available to achieve our desires, to embrace life to the fullest.

Eva is quick to recognize the influencers in her life, her yoga teachers and trainers. The same people who recognized the great potential that resides within her. Personal guidance and hands-on mentoring saw her develop into a competent and caring person.

From being a substitute teacher, she quickly developed her skills to become a formidable yoga instructor and teacher. Her experience stems from many hours of teaching at hotels, gyms, studios, spa facilities, private clients, events and retreats all over namibia.

A caring person who takes great pleasure in assisting others by providing a safe space to experience alignment and depth in their bodies. She strives to cultivate strong and balanced qualities of body, mind and soul. Although somewhat challenging, her methodology is technical, yet her warm-hearted nature creates lightness and strength on both mental and physical levels, a place where we can relate to our own truths and aspirations.

Yoga Styles and Qualification

E-RYT 200 Yoga Qualification

(Jim Harrington RYS)

Practice and Teaching background

Ashtanga/ Vinyasa/ Anusara 

Applied Anatomy & Physiology, Teaching Methodology,

Yoga for Sports & Rehabilitation, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama/Breath-Work, Meditation

Years of practice 12

Years teaching 6

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