The perfect combination of 5* accommodation set in unique locations offering the most incredible tranquil settings in harmony with nature. 

We have no scheduled dates -choose your own dates and time frame for group bookings.

This retreat encompasses some of the main “hidden treasures” of Namibia, offering you an incredible opportunity to explore and discover some of the most spectacular and untouched destinations in Africa, whilst also focusing on your yoga practice in the beautiful natural surrounds.

Each day is set to begin with a morning yoga practice out in nature. What better place to find yourself at sunrise? The picture-perfect settings will give you the feeling as though time is standing still and you will almost certainly be able to hear the landscapes whispering rejuvenation into your soul as the world awakes.

The remainder of the mornings, after breakfast, will be spent on an excursion specific to the area, a chance to really get to see the country and what makes it so unique. On return from the activity, lunch will be served and then some time to relax and enjoy the “holiday” part of this adventure or head off for another afternoon in the wilderness on a guided activity as offered by the lodges.

As the days draw to a close, you will find yourself back in nature for an afternoon yoga practice at sunset. An incredible way to end the day and quiet your mind before dinner under the Namibian starlit skies.

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yoga safari africa
luxury yoga retreat
luxury yoga retreat


· yoga in the oldest desert in the world

· see the rolling sand dunes from above and the famous shipwrecks stranded in the middle of the desert

· boating on the Kunene river that borders Angola

· visit to Namibia’s greatest wildlife sanctuary -                                                                                                                    Etosha National Park

 stay in remote and private locations, some of which can only be reached by flights

· see the beauty of Namibia from above

· exclusive luxury accommodation

· a balanced combination of wildlife, landscapes and ever-changing scenery

· daily yoga practice in nature

· private yoga teacher

There’s something truly special about having your feet on the earth with your hands to heart!

A bit about the yoga experience…

  • The yoga practice is suited to all levels, from beginners to advanced. Your yoga teacher will adapt the practice to accommodate all guests.

  • During our retreat, guests will enjoy restorative, vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga, along with breathing techniques and meditation sessions.

  • Sessions focus on the release of tension and building strength and flexibility whilst being connected to nature

  • Experience relaxation, self-awareness and a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and a whole new culture

  • There will be 2 yoga sessions planned daily, in the morning as the sun rises, and the evenings as the sun sets. All classes are options and aim to rejuvenate our guests, whilst also helping to build on your individual practice.


There’s nothing quite like wide open spaces, fresh air and breathtaking views to

inspire relaxation and to find inner peace ...